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Onur air is private airlines of Turkey. This company has flight links with many destinations in Turkey. Flights are leaving from Ataturk Airport of Istanbul. Some importatnt destinations are as below,

Flight to: Izmir, Dalaman, Bodrum, Trabzon, Ankara, Antalya,




A Child younger than 3 years old (0-24 months) as of the beginning of the travel is considered an infant.
An Infant passenger younger than 3 can travel only if accompanied by a parent and is not assigned a cabin attendant as a companion. Infant fare is charged for such passengers.
An Infant younger than 7 days can not board the plane even if accompanied by parents. In accordance with in-cabin safety guidelines, an adult can accompany only one infant.
An Infant aged 3 and older but younger than 7 can not travel without a companion. He/she is allowed to travel together with an adult and is not assigned a cabin attendant as a companion. Child fare is charged for such passengers.
An Infant aged 7 or older but younger than 13 can travel without a companion and are charged child fare. Child passenger without a companion can travel subject to written permission of a parent or legal guardian (UM form has to be completed at the airport). A child passenger without a companion is escorted by a ground staff to the aircraft and given into custody of the cabin chief. Parents or legal guardian of the child passenger have to stay at the airport until the plane takes off. Cabin crew will arrange the ground staff to give the child passenger into custody of the person designated to pick up the child at the destination point. 


Passengers who are in 28 to 34 (included) weeks of pregnancy require a doctor report stating that “the person is fit to travel”. The report must have been obtained not before than 7 days prior to departure date. Laboring mothers who passed their 34th week are not allowed to board even if there is a doctor report stating no travel restriction is necessary.


Pets are not allowed to travel by Onur Air aircrafts. 


The passengers with doctor reports or Disability ID Card issued by the Prime Ministry Administration for Disabled People are provided with wheel chairs and/or ambulift services free of charge. Otherwise, TRL 20 and TRL 80 will be charged and invoiced for wheel chair and ambulift services respectively until further notice. The passengers who are not willing to pay the said fees shall not enjoy this service. Onur Air does not provide travel service for ill passengers who have to travel in stretchers. Visually impaired passengers can travel with trained service animals. Disabled passengers who will not be able to follow instructions of the cabin crew in case of emergency can not travel without a companion.


Ill passengers (cardiac patients, individuals receiving medical operation, etc.) can travel provided that he/she can submit a doctor report stating that “the person is fit to travel by plane” issued not earlier than 1 week before the departure date.

A passenger has to produce an official ID Card (Identity Card, Driver’s License, Passport etc) acceptable by authorities in order to board the plane. Otherwise, he/she will not allow to get on the plane (Infants aged 0 to 2 years and accompanied by one of the parents can travel with a birth certificate for the first 1 months on condition that police officers raise no objection)


Foodstuff such as olive oil, honey, jam, pectin, and liquid cheese; compressed gas (flammable, non-flammable and toxic), abrasive materials (acids, alkali, wet battery), explosives, ammunition, fireworks, signal rocket, flammable liquid and solid materials (burning or heating fuel, matches, and easily blazing materials), irritants, oxidation materials (bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide), poison, radioactive materials, other restricted materials (mercury or magnetic materials) can not be transported in passenger luggage unless permitted by the carrier.


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