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 Bora Jet Airlines, Flight to Greek island, Flight to Gallipoli

Bora jet is anew Airlines in Turkey. This company has domestic and international flights from Istanbul such as flight to mykonos,Canakkale ,Bodrum,Kayseri etc.

Flight To: Mykonos, Canakkale ( gallipoli), Bodrum, Kayseri,


What pets are allowed to fly onboard?

The pets allowed to fly onboard are cats, dogs and birds.{jcomments on}

What are the guidelines for pets flying onboard?

kiss The allowance of pets to fly onboard requires pet reservation at least one day before the flight.
kiss The pets should strictly be carried inside 45x35x23 cm containers. 2 dogs or 3 birds but not 2 cats may be carried within the same cage (5 baby pets, which are not older than 30 days and which do not weigh more than 6 kilograms in total, may also be carried inside the same container).
kiss A pet may not weigh more than 6 kilograms including the container/ cage.
kiss Borajet Airlines hereby reserve its right to detain any pet from the flight unless the required documents (vaccination card and etc.) are not presented and the container or the cage is not appropriate.
kiss The dogs accompanying visually handicapped or hearing impaired passengers shall be allowed to fly onboard without weight restrictions and be considered as exclusion to the onboard pet allowance on the condition that the necessary reservation is made and their mouthpieces are in place. Such accompanying dogs shall also be carried in consideration of the fare charged for pets.

What is the amount of the fare charged for the pets flying onboard?

Transportation onboard of pets is subject to the charging of some TL 50 fixed fare as of July 1, 2010.

May I use the wheelchair service free of charge?

A passenger, who requests a wheelchair, and presents a medical report, which is older than 10 days and includes the strict statement that the concerned passenger should travel on a wheel chair, may benefit from the wheelchair service free of charge. Otherwise, the wheelchair service is charged a fixed fee of TL 50.

Can children fly unaccompanied?

  1. The allowance of minor passengers to fly without company requires the written consent of the parents or the legal guardians thereof.
  2. The allowance of minor passengers to fly without company requires the reservations for all sections of the flight on final and conclusive basis.
  3. For UM (unaccompanied minor) passengers; Unaccompanied Minor Declaration Forms, which require the identity and contact details of the delivering and welcoming parent and/or legal guardian, shall be completed and be signed by the parent or the legal guardian, and a copy of each form shall be delivered to the concerned parent and/or guardian.
  4. The ticket, passport and the other papers of a UM passenger shall be placed into a UM bag and be worn by the UM passenger as a pendant, whereupon the UM passenger shall be passed to the monitoring of a boarding staff.
  5. The parent or the legal guardian of a UM passenger should be present at the airport until the flight is airborne.
  6. The Boarding staff shall allow for the boarding US passengers after all other passengers are boarded.
  7. The transfers of and the standby at the transfer hall of UM passengers are under the Airliner’s responsibility. The parents or the legal guardians of any UM passenger, who cannot be ensured to continue his/her flight, shall be informed at the airport of departure and destination, and the concerned UM passengers shall either be directed to the exit station or be provided with hotel accommodation service along with a company.
  8. The UM passengers shall be accompanied by a person designated by the Airliner until he/she is passed to the person, who name is indicated on the UM Declaration Form, against the signature thereof.
  9. The UM passengers are not allowed to be seated nearby emergency exits.


For how long can I fly during the pregnancy period?

Pregnant ladies may fly with a doctor's report, which is not older than 7 days and states that they are fit to fly by air carriage, between the weeks 28 and 35 of pregnancy. Ladies, who are pregnant for longer than 35 weeks, are not accepted onboard even if they present a medical report.

What cases are eligible for extra seat reservation?

Passengers may request an extra seat on occasion for special causes. In that case, concerned passengers shall be charged for both seats.

What is Carry-on Luggage?

Carry-on luggage is the luggage carried by the respective passenger on an extra seat purchased thereby. In that case, the passenger shall be charged for both seats.

Are passengers with medical condition allowed to fly on stretcher?

No, passengers with medical condition are not allowed to fly on stretcher.



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