Recrational Area Ankara

 Recrational Areas Ankara


The 640,000 square metre park is on Irfan Bastug Street in Aydinlikevler, and consists of a wide range of facilities which are all open to the public, including sports centres, cultural centres, restaurants, as well as gardens and lakes.

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Atakule has a great influence in Ankara's modern appearance. The 125-metre tower stands 118.2 metres above the ground, and the 600 sq. metre multi-purpose cocktail bar at the top of the tower is used for weddings, seminars and conferences. The revolving restaurant (111.8m) makes one full revolution every hour. The lookout terrace at 104m is open everyday from 09.30 to 23:00, and there is a café/bar at 100m.

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Ataturk Forest Park

Established by Ataturk, which is one of the most important recreational areas in Ankara and contains teahouses, picnic areas, a zoo and produces a number of products. City buses, minibuses and community trains provide transportation.

Gençlik Parkı

Between the Train Station and Opera buildings, this is a popular entertainment centre in the summer, with an amusement park, tea-gardens, food shops, summer theatrical productions, a large pond with paddle boats and canoes, restaurants and a variety of amusements. All the facilities in the park are open between May and October.

Bayindir Dam

The Dam is on the Samsun Highway, 12 km from Ankara. With its natural beauty, teahouse, camping area and swimming pool, it is a recreational area popular with foreigners and locals alike. There are buses and minibuses that provide transportation.

The Cankaya Ridge

Located near the Presidential Mansion and the Ataturk Museum, the Ridge offers a picturesque view of the whole city. Even on summer days, park is relatively cool, with sweet shops and teahouses.

Cubuk Dam

The forested area around Cubuk Dam, 12km from Ankara, has picnic areas, small restaurants, teahouses and wonderful hiking trails. It is an excellent place to tour by car, and there are also city bus routes to the area as well.


Located 25 km southwest of Ankara on the Konya Highway, on the shores of Lake Mogan, it has restaurants and coffeehouses as well as a beach and teahouses. This recreational area makes the summer heat more tolerable, especially the swimming pool beside the lake, which is also an excellent place for canoeing. There is a good range of transport provided by city buses.

Other Recreational Areas Include:

MTA Rose Garden, Kurtbogazi Dam, Sariyar Dam, Beynam Recreational Forest, Camkoru Recreational Forest, Guven - Karagol Recreational Forest, Hosebe Recreational Forest, Karagol Recreational Forest , Sorgun Recreational Forest, Sogutozu Recreational Forest, Tekkedagi Recreational Forest and Uluhan Recreational Forest.