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Travelling  to Ephesus is easy with overnight buses or 1 hour flight from istanbul. We recomend you to make your hotel booking before you go to Ephesus. Because it is realy busy region of Turkey on the season realy hard to find Accomodatin in Selcuk and Kusadasi

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Travel to Ephesus by Bus 


From Istanbul:  You can find direct overnight  buses to Ephesus.There are 20:00 pm bus leaves from sultanahmet every day this companies goes to Ephesus Aydin Bus Company | Metro Bus Company   If you wish we can package all your destination buses and you will not worry about bus connestion we can worry about your bus ticket bookings. since 2007  we do have this service and get many good feedbacks from travellers. You can also now pack your bus ticket on your travel itinerary. See what can we offer you from here   another options see how to go to from ISTANBUL to any destinations check from here{/xtypo_rounded2}


From Gallipoli: There is only 2 times buses goes to Ephesus from Canakkale ( Gallipoli and Troy). Bus ride takes about 7 hours  departs from Canakkale otogar 13:30 pm 23:30 pm  this comapny has bus Truva Bus Company Turkey You can also book all your destinations bus only with us and make them package and save time and money. Another option is you can join our tour bus which departs from Istanbul to Gallipoli-Trpy-Pergamon-ephesus-Pamukkale-Fethiye  Bus Packages here  You can also check from Gallipoli where you can travel buy bus Check the buses from Gallipoli



From Bodrum:There are  every 2 hours buses from bodrum to Selcuk or kusadasi via Aydin. Also another option you can go to Aydin from Aydin there often minibuses running to Selcuk or Kusadasi. Aydin Bus Company. Let us worry for your bus ticket arrangements or make a nice itinerary with 23 years experiences pack your bus tickets from here {/xtypo_rounded2}


From Fethiye:There are  every 2 hours buses from Fethiye to selcuk also another option The high  season Alaturka bus every  day they run bus from fethiye to Ephesus with pamukkale tour Metro Bus Company | Aydin Bus Company pack your bus from here{/xtypo_rounded2}


From Antalya: From antalya there are often buses goes from antalya to selcuk or Kusadasi{/xtypo_rounded2}


From Pamukkale: There are often minibuses going from denizli to Selcuk especially afternoon{/xtypo_rounded2}


From Ankara:There are only overnight bus to Kusadasi you can catch from Ankara it takes about 13 hours  Metro Bus Company{/xtypo_rounded2}

Travel to Ephesus by Flight 


From Istanbul:  From istanbul there are lots of flights from ataturk or sabiha gokcen airport nearly every hours the flight companies goes to Izmir from Ataturk airport are Turkish Airlines |Atlas Jet Airlines | Onur Airlines | from Sabiha Anadolu Jet | Bora Jet Airlines |Pegasus Airlines Turkey | SKY Airlines Turkey{/xtypo_rounded3} 


From Antalya:  Fron Antalya there are everyday direct flight with Sunexpress Airlines once in a day in week 2 flights 07:00 am and 19:00 pm  please check our flight companies page{/xtypo_rounded2} 


From Izmir(Ephesus): There are some days 1 flight from izmir to Cappadocia if you want to fly everyday there are flights via istanbul sabiha gokcen or ataturk airport{/xtypo_rounded3} 



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